One of my work associates who also works for another company, lives in Canberra, the “Capital City” of Australia. Yesterday she said a 7-day lockdown was suddenly announced, so she was out to get groceries for the duration. But the traffic was pandemonium.

However, she can work from home, and said the week at home would be good for catching up with both her employment work and her own business as well.

In country after country, lockdowns have made both employers and employees accept working from home. Some people hate it. Others love it. Both bosses and workers now realize working from home is possible, and often even more productive. Most importantly, people have woken up to the realisation that it is realistic to work from “another place” in the world.

Even the idea of running an online business is not as offputting as it used to be. Lots of people have discovered they can become successful entrepreneurs online or start a niche business if they are prepared to learn and work at it.

If you can work from anywhere, why would you stay where you are if you are not happy in the first place?

Gathering up and relocating to another country is no longer seen as deranged, wacky, or stupid. Gathering up and relocating to another country is now stylish, balanced and astute.

I can't look into the future, and I'm not wanting to be a voice of doom. But it’s worth thinking about – if governments start with quarantines again, where would you want to be?

I mean, given the chance, doesn't “tropical paradise” sound better?

Last year Covid surprised most people. But if it happens again, this time around we have the benefit of hindsight. We know their script and how they’re going to behave.

So it certainly makes sense to consider quarantines, lockdowns, and overall public health dementia when pondering your Plan B options.

And one thing is for certain. Without it, you’re vulnerable. Today wouldn’t be too soon to start your own Plan B.

Lance in (sane) Vanuatu