Needing "ARMS & LEGS" (and brain) IN VANUATU?
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We are your “Stand In” – for whatever you need done in Vanuatu

Whatever requires a physical presence, discreet and insightful negotiation or action….

Perhaps it’s submitting some paperwork to a government department. 

Perhaps it’s locating, inspecting and buying a house or business or boat or vehicle. 

Perhaps it’s as a “buying agent” negotiating with a business or other seller for a service or good that you want.

We act with discretion and respecting your privacy at all times.  Our team have all been vetted to a high degree for honesty, integrity, confidentiality.

Charge Forward

Business and Personal dealings CAN be conducted from a distance.  But…

We’ve all been burned by misrepresentations on the internet, right?  The camera angle for that great house cut out the rubbish tip next door; the “linen” shirt arrived in your mailbox as polyester… you know the sort of thing.  If you had been able to physically view it, touch it, you would have made a different buying decision.  Or sometimes you’d like something but you need information that you just can’t get online.

That’s where we come in.  We provide a personal, on-the-ground service that you can rely on.  We have no agenda other than YOUR best interests: we are not going to skew our report because our brother-in-law is giving us a kick-back (it happens!)

  • Confidential
  • Reliable
  • Timely

Our Specialties

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Government paperwork…

  • company registration
  • business licence
  • VIPA approval
  • permanent residency
  • driver licence
  • Citizenship
  • passport

vanuatu Market Research

open a bank account

buyer’s agent

seller’s agent

checking out a venue

Locating investments

assessing vehicles

Locating office space

other activities at your direction


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