OK, so where is this “insider information”?

Not here!  We do not post details on this website.  I have decided we can no longer spend our time answering the same questions over and over.

To save our time — and yours, in fact — I send information via daily emails (subscribe below) and I also invite you to have all the advanced insider information in the palm of your hand!

My clients are all VERY busy people!  I am sure you read your email on your phone.  Rather than being tied to your PC, you will want to consume the information anytime, anywhere… turn your waiting time into productive time.

Sign up below now.  Soon you will quickly and painlessly be up to speed with answers to the most frequently asked questions.  In these daily emails I spill the beans on what life in Vanuatu is REALLY like, including the amusing things that happen.  You won’t be a Vanuatu “Expat Expert” quite yet, but you will be well on the way.

And there’s another big announcement coming soon – November or maybe even October 2020.   But you need to be reading my daily emails for that.  🙂

Cheers from Paradise Vanuatu