If only I’d had a proper Plan B!

Let me tell you a (true) story…

It was the start of 2011.  My Financial Services business was going great.  My retirement plan was set for us to be able to kick back in five years time.  “Plan A” was looking very fine.

January 2011:  The worst floods for over 100 years hit one of my areas.

February 2011:  The biggest and strongest severe tropical cyclone in living memory ravaged the other area, where most of the company’s assets were located.

Not good!  In the space of a month every single property the company owned was damaged, some of them total write-offs!

But I had insurance on all the properties, a Loan-To-Value ratio of only 55%, and a goodly nest egg put by.   So I was in good shape, right?

I thought so.  I was on my knees, but I could get up.

Then, the big surprise!

Our “friendly” bank kicked me in the back. Now I was face-down in the mud.

Suddenly they announced they had “lost confidence” in our area, and were calling in the loan.  90 days to pay.

Wow!  90 days to find millions of dollars.

So I hit the phone, calling all those other lenders who had wanted my business in the past.  But… you guessed it… with no sales or valuations since the cyclone, no other lender was willing to step up.

Then I got a call:  the bank had appointed a receiver.  He set about ravaging the business.  And charged the now asset-less company $300,000 in fees for his services!

So within a year the bank forced my company into bankruptcy and destroyed my good name in the community!

What now?

If only I’d had a proper Plan B!

In hindsight it’s easy to see that my “Plan A” had…

  • All assets in one jurisdiction,
  • No travel opportunities except with the one passport
  • Nowhere to go, physically or financially.

As you can imagine, it took a while, but I dug us out of that hole.  And got a proper “Plan B.”

In 2016 my wife and I put our sparkling new “Plan B” into action!  We moved to the Republic of Vanuatu, where conditions are very different.


Now I help people have the right to realise their dream to be free and sovereign, legally pay no income tax, and  live in a tropical paradise.

Yes,  I use my 7-year experience here working in the immigration, finance, and investment fields to help people develop a Plan B that can include…

  • Purchased Vanuatu Citizenship with Passport in 30- 90 days
  • Vanuatu Permanent Residency based on a small investment in a managed business
  • Vanuatu Permanent Residency based on one of the many other possibilities on offer, including fast-track residency in less than a week
  • International diversification (Company, Business, Bank account setup in Vanuatu)
  • High-ROI investments in Vanuatu (tourism, agriculture, timber, marine, etc)
  • “Stand-In Concierge Service:” Facilitation of paperwork to be processed in Vanuatu plus on-the-ground activities at your direction
  • and much more…

Please understand that while priceless, a Plan B like this is not “cheap”.  If you don’t consider yourself in at least the “higher income bracket” you will not want to afford it.  Honestly, I can’t help you and you should not join my email list.

So… if you’ve read this far I can assume you are interested to learn more of what I can do to help you.

Here’s what to do now:

  1. Join my email list below.  You will get daily emails with insider morsels that will be compelling to anyone considering Vanuatu as part of their Plan B.
  2. You will also be invited to my free smartphone App (iPhone or Android) that contains a valuable introductory Vanuatu Orientation Course. This course is free to you inside the app for a limited time as a new subscriber.  Presented with video, audio, photographs and text, you can carry the course in your pocket and absorb it at your own pace.  It will quickly and painlessly bring you up to speed with answers to the most frequently asked questions.  You won’t be a Vanuatu “Expat Expert” quite yet, but you will be well on the way.

This app is also the ONLY place where I reveal my absolutely TOP insider information as a 4-year resident in Vanuatu.  REAL information without the glossy come-ons.  You CAN become a Vanuatu “Expat Expert,” privy to the amazing opportunities that can found by those “in the know” in this amazing tropical paradise.   And in the app you can access my “Stand-in Concierge Service” if you choose.  That’s why I ask for your mobile number now: you will be immediately registered and receive your passcode for the app in a text message.

Your move…