Our friend Rina loves her job.  She is a cheerful soul, and works as a house girl.
She did housework for her older white lady employer.  As the years rolled by her job morphed into cook and nurse. Then her now-frail employer eventually died, peacefully in her own bed in her own house.

There's no income tax in Vanuatu. And there's no “Social Security” system in Vanuatu. And no nursing homes. 

Everyone knows they are responsible for themselves and their own family, so no one depends on the government for handouts.

When they become frail, most prefer the more dignified setup of staying in their own house and having someone's look after them. 

The old lady had enough put by to be able to pay Rina. Her son kept an eye on her too and would consult with Rina about his mum's daily needs.  Towards the end I think he may have also helped out with her wages.

Much cheaper than a nursing home in a Western country, Rina was costing her employer about USD 20 per day, 6 days a week.

 Escalating government debt in most Western countries draws us closer to the time when they will be forced to drastically curtail or even cut social security spending. This puts the onus back on the individual.

When that happens, you won't find a dedicated personal carer like upbeat Rina happy to work for 20/day in any Western country that I know of.

Notice the thread running through this email: “take responsibility for your own affairs, prepare in advance”

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By the way, Rina didn't lose her job when the old lady passed away. She still works as a house girl, now for the son. He wasn't going to let go of such a capable, loyal and cheerful worker 

Lance in (responsible) Vanuatu