Lots of things to talk about on this subject.

The Vanuatu government issued an instruction in 2017 for people NOT to get involved in cryptocurrencies. At that time there were a few scams floating about (when are there not?) and they wanted to protect local citizens and businesses.

Within government corridors, and one notable lobby group, a period of intense scrutiny followed.

Recently they have updated their stance and even changed the law to allow crypto exchanges and trading.

Be clear on this: at present the Vanuatu government does NOT accept crypto currencies for Citizenship payments. For the time being at least, those still have to be made with fiat.

However, as a CBI (Citizenship By Investment) consultant I have also been busy behind the scenes with my team.

I am happy to announce that we have solved the crypto-for-citizenship conundrum and we have a way for you to pay for your Citizenship in Vanuatu using BITCOIN. For now this is the only type of crypto we can accept, but if it proves popular (and we think it will) we will set up avenues for other forms of coin.

We realise many holders of crypto don't want to sell, and that's fine – there are solutions that do not involve selling your coin, so you can continue to benefit from future rises in value.

Book a consultation to find out more: https://in.vu/cal

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