Why do people decide to get a second residency or citizenship?

Let's turn our attention for a moment (because I happen to have found a reliable source of information) to the American experience.

One lady working in the Migration field has written of her experience with Americans. She attributes the recent American appetite for second residence permits to a “perfect storm” of compelling reasons, explaining that Americans’ motives are as different as the country itself.

Writing obviously during the period of the previous administration, she said:

“For some, it is dissatisfaction with Trump; for others, it’s apprehensions about Biden. Then there’s the relatively poor handling of the pandemic, as well as political instability and unrest.”

One common thread for Americans though, was worries about taxes.

“All these things have had an influence, but what really brought things to a head this year was the experience of seeing almost the whole world shut its doors to Americans. So many Americans were frustrated by not being able to travel, and finally decided to get a second residence permit.”

To this recitation we could add that bitter winter climate and multiple types of pollution of much of North America, not to mention crime rates, could also be a motivation.

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