For the last 17 years Adeline and myself have lived in areas where cyclones sometimes visit, so we keep the recommended 3 weeks' worth of food, water, and medicines stacked in a spare room.

Today there are many who are stockpiling food, water, and weapons in anticipation of the (further) deterioration of the “civilised” society in which they live.

Clearly physical preparation won't hurt, and in certain circumstances it is a Really Good Idea.

But think about the recent scenes on the news.

Would a stockpile of physical assets have saved those in Afghanistan desperate to escape in a hurry?

Or would a small Vanuatu passport booklet in a hip pocket – or even their mother country's passport with a current Permanent Residency stamp for Vanuatu – have been more highly prized?

I know what I would have wanted.  The pen/keyboard is mightier than the sword.

Preparation is “the act of getting ready IN ADVANCE to meet some anticipated situation”

You still have time (unless you live somewhere like Afghanistan). But who knows how long your window of opportunity will last?

Be prepared. Book a short consultation if you want Vanuatu to be part of your stockpile.

Lance in (safe destination) Vanuatu