Recently at my desk, I was distracted by a loud banging.

Looking up from my computer and out the window, I could see a man hammering away on something in the grass.

On closer inspection, it was Shem, a guy from up the road, who was repairing his outrigger canoe (or “kanu” with the emphasis on the “a,” as it's called here in Vanuatu)

He keeps it drawn up past the beach in a small clearing where others leave their craft, in an area we've dubbed the “Teouma Bay Parking Lot.”

(15 sec video of “Teouma Bay Parking Lot”)

These canoes are relatively flimsy affairs, held together with a few big nails and rope/fishing line/whatever they can find. (see linked video above) As they paddle kilometres out into the bay looking for fish, maintenance is vital.

It made me think of freedom, which also needs constant vigilance as to maintenance.

No, I don't mean campaigning in the streets or writing to politicians about new laws. That's totally futile.

I mean taking personal responsibility for your own freedom and maximising it as much as is in your power.

For example, what will you and your family do if your “Mother country” starts acting a whole lot less “motherly” toward its citizens? It happens!

Do you have a robust “Plan B” ready in advance?  It's too late to be thinking about where you will go while you are packing your bags!  That would really limit your freedom of choice.

I help people with this. It's what I do. I don't craft the whole thing for you – every person, every family has different needs and priorities.

But if it's possible that your Plan B could include safe friendly Vanuatu, a place with low crime and a great lifestyle (and no Covid-1984), AND you have the means to seriously consider it… get in touch.

We'll see what I can do for you.

Lance in (safe house) Vanuatu