Almost every government around the world looks inept and heavy handed against the Coronavirus.

Central bankers seem at their wit's end.

Banks are sitting on trillions of dollars of losses, while regulators have actually asked the public ‘please do not withdraw your money.’

And social cohesion has practically collapsed. People are ripping each other apart over masks, social justice, political views, and just about everything else.

It’s hard to have trust and confidence at a time like this. And that’s been a key driver of the interest in second citizenships in Vanuatu.

As one of the very few countries in the world that has NO community infection of Covid-19 and a very light touch by government, it's an attractive place to weather the storm if you choose.

Especially now that we have the ability to arrange for payment for both Citizenships and Fast-Track 10-year Permanent Residency  in Bitcoin.  Yep, you weren't expecting that, eh? 

While other countries are trying to regulate and tax Crypto currencies, the government of Vanuatu has actually relaxed their view and is encouraging crypto exchanges etc.

Lance in (CV-free) Vanuatu