Yesterday on our day off, Adeline and I invited a friend over for lunch.


While we sat on the patio enjoying the mild sunny Vanuatu day and the view of the water, our talk turned to the subject of citizenship.


Our friend first came here for for a 6-month work stint about 2003, then returned more-or-less yearly for increasingly longer periods until in 2011 he decided he had enough of the constant uprooting of his life, that he actually preferred living in Vanuatu anyway, so he settled down here.


He started, built up, and sold a business. Now he works only part-time.


He's had a permanent residency permit continuously for ten years so he's now eligible for naturalisation, and has applied for Citizenship so he can have a Vanuatu Passport as well as his Australian one.


This is an excellent plan for those who are not in a hurry and who don't want to spend the admittedly large amount to obtain citizenship via the investment route.


Interestingly I have access to a system to get my clients a fast-track permanent residency permit.


Basically it means you have permanent residency for ten years, and by paying for ten years in advance it's actually cheaper for a couple. There is no need for any real estate or business investment, and you don't have to visit the country unless/until you want to.


The best part is that it takes less than a week to get it set up. More if you don't have all your paperwork ready, but usually no more than 2 weeks even so.


It's true there are currently Covid restrictions on inbound travel, but they do not apply to holders of a permanent residency visa. All you need do is recognise you will have a 2-week quarantine period, and after that be free to travel anywhere within Vanuatu to your heart's desire.


Imagine having the right to visit or live in a tropical paradise in your hand less than 2 weeks from now!


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