Seems like “Spring has sprung” today here in Vanuatu. Not that we actually have “seasons” as you know them. There's a longer warmer wetter period and a shorter cooler drier period. For some reason it's a bit like the fabled Camelot – usually rain falls at night.

The last week or so we have been “not enjoying” the seasonal south winds (our place faces south-west) and thus cooler nights.

By “cooler” I mean down to 21 Celsius (70 F). Not really a problem, but we decided to throw a blanket on the bed and close the bedroom windows – for the first time since last August/September.

Today it's 28 C – more like our normal temperature – and we are all smiling.

The tropical weather is certainly a big draw for people to want to visit or even live here. Most of the year there is only 1 degree difference between day and night.

I'll keep this short, because it's lunch time and I just want to slip down to the water's edge to enjoy the blue with our food…

Lance in (blue waters) Vanuatu