As I write today I can hear the buzz of our gardener using the grass-cutter outside.


Although lawn mowers are present and used in Vanuatu, the tool of choice is the grass-cutter. They are light, cheap to buy and run, and easy to repair. In the hands of an experienced operator, they give as good a result as a lawnmower, but they cope well with all kinds of terrain, including roots and rocky places.


In Australia I used to cut the grass myself. Here almost everyone with grass has a gardener, even though they may come only once a fortnight or one day each week. The local wages make it easy to find and afford people willing to do this kind of work.


This frees you to do the more fulfilling work in the garden, if that's your thing.


The point?


The lifestyle here allows for you to do the things you enjoy more, and leave the boring bits to others.


If you think this is a lifestyle that would work well with your Plan B, get in touch.




Lance (fulfilled) in Vanuatu