“He is like a shell fish”

“Don't YOU be a shell fish!” Read on…

One of our gardeners was having a bit of a moan about the other one: “Hemi gat fasin sel fis” he said in Bislama, which translated means “He is like a shell fish”

Huh? I had never heard this expression, and I started wondering what it could mean. Like a crab? a prawn? an oyster?

When I asked and got an explanation, I discovered shell fish in this context meant “Hermit Crab”


He explained that a hermit crab finds an empty shell, gets inside, and then doesn't let anyone else in. Ah! So he was saying his work associate would not share.

And how does this apply to your consideration of including Vanuatu in your Plan B with permanent residency or perhaps citizenship here as a “Get out of [mother country] here” card?

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