A movement outside my office window caught my eye…

Glancing out I saw two guys walking on the beach carrying about 20 freshly-caught fish on a string.

I raced out and asked them if I could take this photo for you…


So why does Fencing Wire plus Rubber equal Fish?

Because although scuba divers spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the latest fancy gear, these two use only snorkel, mask, and this…


Look carefully.  That's a hand spear for diving, made of a length of (rusty!) fencing wire, a piece of stretchy rubber and an optional stick for a handle.

Using this apparently primitive piece of equipment plus local knowledge and know-how, Paskal and Jefri captured those 20 fish from the bay in front of our place in less than 2 hours!

And why is this relevant to you?

Because that rusty hand spear is emblematic of the resourcefulness of the NiVan (Vanuatu people). 

And when you have dealings with NiVans you will enjoy that although like almost all Pacific Islanders they like to play and joke, they have a “can do” attitude, and a way of getting things done with minimal equipment, and minimal rules and regulations.

Things you will appreciate when you are getting yourself into a position where you can come here any time (lockdown or no lockdown at home) because you have become a permanent resident or citizen.

Lance in (fisherman's paradise) Vanuatu