I have heard many horror stories about labyrinthine bureaucratic processes in connection with visas.

In fact I was just reading an email about the processes for getting resident visas in Portugal. The writer went through a long list of options, requirements for each, and for whom each was suitable.

Then she ended with this sentence…

“Anticipate the entire process to take about a year”


It's true that in EVERY country bureaucracy can be slow. With its dual English-French background, Vanuatu has inherited the bureaucratic mindset of both colonisers. But after 41 years of independence, many of those old processes have been discarded in favour of a more streamlined approach. And because it's a small country, it's sometimes surprising how fast things can be done.

For example I have a fast-track process for getting you a 10-year Vanuatu Permanent Residency in 7-10 days if you have your paperwork in order.

Got a need for speed? Ask me about it.

Lance in (fast) Vanuatu