Are you the kind of person who likes to “make a difference?”

Then you may be interested in what happened to me this week…

I was negotiating a deal with an Australian company representing one of America's largest credit card transaction processors.

In the process I learned from a passing comment that the American company has a solution to a particular problem one of the biggest local Vanuatu Banks is currently experiencing. This issue is quite seriously affecting them and some of their customers.

I like to help.

I am not in banking, but this just dropped in my lap…

So now I am brokering a meeting between the General Manager of the multi-billion dollar American company, and the CEO of the local bank.

If all goes well, they will have the solution working before the end of the month, and both sides will be happy… I imagine not nearly as happy as the customers who have been affected by the issue!

The point of all this?

If you are someone who likes making a difference, this is a small country wanting to go ahead, so there are many (many!) opportunities here to do so.

I guess it also showcases my “Stand-In Concierge Service”

It's something only someone with “Flip-Flops on the ground in Vanuatu” can do.

When you need Arms and Legs (& Brain) in Vanuatu to get something done the right way, go here…

Lance in (full-steam-ahead) Vanuatu