Last week I stopped at a gas station in Port Vila to get some fuel. I have been to this particular station before, but not regularly: probably less than once a year.

In Vanuatu there are no self-serve fuel stations. I have not touched a bowser in 5 years. There is instead a small army of assistants to attend to your refueling needs. Like “the old days” if you go that far back. While the assistant fueled up, idly I read their instructions stuck to each bowser. The first was “Greet the customer” and they really do.  Smiling is endemic in Vanuatu.  This friendly interaction is something you quickly get to like here.  🙂

When I went to pay, the machine would not process my card payment because the internet of the station was temporarily down. (You know it happens even in developed countries)

Unfortunately I did not have enough cash in my pocket at the time to cover the amount.

What to do?

The girl at the counter said “No worries, just write your name and phone number on this paper and drop the payment in next time you come past”

Now remember I am not a regular, she had never seen me before, but without hesitation trusted me to “drop it in next time.”

Would you like to be in a place where you feel trusted? And where people are actually trustworthy?

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Lance in (trusting) Vanuatu

p.s. I did not wait until “next time” – I drove about 2 kilometres to the next suburb and used an ATM to get the cash, then went back and paid.