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🌟️ Night Skies

Night skies in Vanuatu are awesome! Spectacular! As we walk at night from our kitchen/lounge pavilion to the bedroom pavilion, I love looking up and seeing all my favourites. The milky way strewn in a giant sparkly band across the vault. Because we are almost exactly at the same latitude...

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🐬️ Dolphin Daze

It was a lovely morning and from the verandah Adeline spotted dolphins in the bay. So we walked to the water's edge and sure enough, there was a sizeable pod of about 15-20 large dolphins. They appeared to be rounding up fish. Our neighbour swam out to where they were, in the hope for...

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🍌️ The🍍️ Organic🥕️ Experience🍅️ at Manples Maket

Normally I shop at the "Bigfala Maket" in the centre of Port Vila for our local fresh produce, but yesterday I went to the market at Manples instead. Manples is a suburban area on the road between the centre of town and the airport. There is a branch of the Au Bon Marche supermarket and Fuel...

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✊️ Take Back Your Power!

For a while there, I had a custom image background on my phone. It said in Bislama, one of the official languages of Vanuatu: "Karem bak paoa blong yu!" or in English, "Take back your power!" I was reminded every time I opened the home screen of my phone, that others are always wanting to...

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🍍️🍌️ comparing fresh tropical fruit with CBI

Last week at Port Vila's biggest fresh produce market I realised something as soon as set foot under their roof. Mangoes are almost finished! (Oh No!) But 🍍️ pineapples are starting again! (Yay!) 🍌️ Bananas however are perennial This set me to...

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👋️ In Vanuatu people wave. A lot. It’s nice!

Yes it's true. Wherever you go, on foot or in a vehicle, people in Vanuatu wave and break into a broad smile. Not just one or two - almost everybody of every colour will do this. It's nice! Think back to a time in your life when people waved at strangers and acknowledged each other with...

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🏡️ the stinkiest house I ever bought

Here's a true story about the stinkiest house I ever bought. And we viewed and bought it in under a quarter of an hour. Here's how it went down... About a year after we had started our real estate financing business in 2020, I reluctantly took a phone call on our day off. It was a...

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2021.11.15 🌴️ “Waxing philosophical” for a moment

Today, more than at any time in the pasty, it’s essential to find a group of people who share your outlook... For example of outlook on life: People who know that hard yakka is ennobling, and success something to be applauded. (not derided and "cancelled") People who want to direct...

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🚗️ 🚙️ Rally Day!

Today on the outskirts of Port Vila there is a car rally. This one is being held on a large farm with its own track. Lots of excitement and anticipation. The people of Vanuatu are as passionate about sport as the next nation, so this will be well attended. In the grand scheme of...

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