I discovered that I am a “polymath” in a very recent email.

A polymath, for those not familiar with the term, is someone that has a wide and diverse set of knowledge spanning many topics.

It confuses people because they don’t know whether to think of me as:
* an Investment Migration consultant for Vanuatu;
* an I.T. guy who runs a hosting business and builds Learnistic Apps;
* an Online Marketer specialising in creating and writing email campaigns
* a Linux geek;
* a Real Estate agent;
* a House renovation expert;
* a Loan and Finance aficionado;
* a Videographer and Audio-video editor;
* a CTO;
* a Husband; or
* a Bible teacher.

And we won’t start on 20 years experience making and selling fashion jewellery and leathergoods, 25 years developing web sites, or selling in other fields. (Also I can usually fix sewing machines, computers, and cars, which is particularly handy when we like to live way out of town)

If you have gained a diverse set of knowledge or skills you will be welcome as a citizen or permanent resident in Vanautu… and you will have a fascinating life.

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