Today, more than at any time in the pasty, it’s essential to find a group of people who share your outlook...


For example of outlook on life:


People who know that hard yakka is ennobling, and success something to be applauded. (not derided and "cancelled")


People who want to direct their own course. (not blindly follow the crowd)


People who went past the need for Mummy to tell them what to do when they were 12. (not have to ask their brother-in-law, priest, Uber driver for advice on everything)


And people who understand that whatever problems come at us, we can find and create powerful solutions that give us more freedom. (not lock us into smaller and smaller cages)


If this resonates, and Vanuatu 🌴️ looks like it could be part of your solution via Purchased Citizenship or Permanaent Residency...


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Lance (enjoying the freedom) in Vanuatu