Many, yes MANY, of my clients ask this question.


They have skills and wonder how viable it would be to live in Vanuatu and earn a living from here online. (like me!)


Honestly the answer is simple...


Almost anything you can do to make a living online from where you are now will work when doing it from Vanuatu.


The exception could be if you are delivering something from your home. Similarly to most of the rest of the world, since the COVID fiasco Vanuatu's freight situation has slowed to a crawl.


That's not to say you can't use a fulfilment house somewhere else of course. I know a few people who make a very nice living thank you very much by selling print newsletters. One in particular lives on one side of the USA and his fulfilment company lives on the other. I doubt he has ever actually met any of them in person, despite them printing and sending out his newsletters for a decade plus. He could live anywhere on the planet where there is an internet connection, including paradise Vanuatu.


Side Note: My client of longest standing for my Web Develeopment business, for whom I host and manage his commercial real estate and German Shepherd breeding websites on one of my dedicated servers in Sydney Australia, has been with me since 1999 and I have never met him in person. Our communication from Vanuatu to Atlanta Georgia USA is no different from Vanautu as it was when I was in Australia. Mostly email and the occasional phone call.


Now I will slip in an(other) entirely self-serving bit of information . . .


Over the last year and a bit I have been immersed in "the Learniverse" which is a fast-growing USA company that creates mobile Apps particularly for coaches, trainers, and solo entrepreneurs, a Bulk Email Platform designed for ease of use and amazing deliverability, a private Social media platform impervious to Cancel Culture, and shortly a new industry-leading online shopping cart software. This has given me a third "arm" to my income because many people have asked me to help them get set up.


It's the sort of thing that a solo entrepreneur can run by themselves, but some prefer to have me set it all up and join it together for them, then show them how to maintain it. After that either maintain it for them, or stay in the background ready to lend a hand if they run into something they can't figure out.


I mention it not only because you may happen to be in the market for these sevices 😉️, but mainly to demonstrate how easy it is to support yourself well in Vanuatu when working online. No doubt you have skills that can be marketed online, if you but think about it. 💰️


So today there are a few links to share.


Citizenship and Passport or Permanent Residency Visa: https∶//


Hand-holding while building an App and connecting it to email marketing and private Social media: https∶//


Web development and hosting: https∶//


Lance in (remote-work-ready) Vanuatu