Ths morning I was reviewing some of Gary Halbert's newsletters, and came across this..


"All truly wise people realize time is the most precious commodity they possess. And, it is this commodity they are least likely to squander. Do you realize many people who pay to have me write copy for them can do it almost as well as I can? So why hire me? Because it frees up their time to get on with the crucial job of running their business.


"As a general rule, nobody with wisdom ever does anything business-related he can hire someone else who is honest and competent to do for him. Dumb people (losers) gloat about all the money they save by doing things themselves instead of paying someone else to do that same job. Smart people (winners) are always ready to cheerfully cough up fungolas to buy time."


The late Gary Halbert was one of the most highly-paid and successful copywriters of all time. So the insight I want you to "get" from the quotation above, is that when you pay others to do what you could do equally well yourself, you are MAKING money via the time gained to do what you do best.


It's one of the reasons why wise people ask me to do things "on the ground" here in Vanuatu via my "Stand-In Concierge Service."


Do you consider yourself "wise"? Check it out here: https∶//


Lance (standing in for you) in Vanuatu