So our neighbour keeps chickens and ducks, and one day a drake (Bislama: "dukduk") flew over the fence into our yard.


We asked the neighbour about it and she said she wasn't bothered - if it didn't come home by itself we could catch it and return it at our convenience.


However he seemed happy to roam about our 2 acres and had no apparent intention of returning. So for a while we enjoyed seeing him tugging at grass and chasing bugs.


Then he came up the steps onto the verandah.


Then he came into the house.


Now we discovered he was not at all house-trained, and anything that startled him would cause a "deposit" to be left behind on our nice clean floor. It was time to catch the duck and return him!


Our neighbour said in the past when they needed to capture him they would chase him round the garden until he was tired and slowed down enough for them to make a dive on him.


This seemed to us like a lot of work, and rather traumatising for the duck.


We needed an alternate plan.


My wife had placed a water bowl near the verandah for him already, so he had become accustomed to drinking there.


Now I took a long cord with a loop, placed it in front of the bowl, and ran the other end up to the verandah where we sit for breakfast.


He was suspicious. He eyed the cord left and right. He pecked at the cord.


After a few days however he just ignored the cord, and so 3 days later while we were having breakfast we saw he had stepped into the loop on the ground while having a drink.


I merely picked up the other end and pulled the cord hard.


He was caught!


There was no escape as I kept tension on the cord and my wife threw a large cloth over him to quieten him down.


OK, enough about "Dukduk." Here's the point of telling you the story ...


Governments have long acted like we did, the DukDuk being YOU.


They offer something attractive and wait for you to depend on it. Then comes the cord. You are suspicious, but sooner or later you feel it's innocuous enough to ignore...


Until the day they give it a firm pull and you are trapped. Now it's too late. Now you have to do, go, or stay according to their will.


Isn't this a perfect reason to get your Plan B (alternate citizenship or residency) in place now, well before your foot is in their looped cord?


Fortuitously, this is what I do - help people get their Plan B sorted, at least as far as Vanuatu Citizenship or Permanent Residency is concerned.


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Currently there is no upfront charge for these calls, although that's about to change. Just sayin'


Lance in (alternative) Vanuatu



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