Last weekend our gardener asked for some green coconuts to take home for his pikininis (children) to drink.


I held the ladder for him since the ground was uneven, and I expected him to do the same as I have done in the past - select a few likely-looking specimens from the bunches hanging from the tree. 🌴️


However, he introduced a step that I had never seen before.


Using the back of his fingernail, he flicked each nut, effectively "tapping" it, and listening to the sound.


Thus he was able by this simple and quick procedure to determine if the nut was full of the sweet coconut milk or not. He wanted to eliminate the effort of opening a coconut only to find it was unsuitable for his current purpose, not the "genuine article" so to speak.


A solid "thunk!" would give the data that the nut was full of "milk;" a hollow sound would indicate the coconut was more suitable for making laplap - a traditional Vanuatu dish wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in coals.


So after finding a few that would do nicely for his pikininis, he harvested them simply by twisting them off and dropping them to the ground.


What do you do to determine if your Migration Consultant is the "genuine article," not a fly-by-night shyster? (yes, they exist)


I'd think that the "sound test" would be part of your data-gathering. Do they "sound right," not making exaggerated claims, consistent in their message?


At Lance in Vanuatu I've been helping clients to succeed in their applications for Vanuatu citizenship by investment for over seven years now.


Have you been listening for the right sound?


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