Sometimes I get too enthusiastic, carried away talking about secondary residency and citizenship. Then someone brings me up with a bump and a question like, “Why would I want that?”

Think about it: People cannot choose their place of birth and cannot control the consequences (good or bad) of being born in any given place. 

But these day's it's becoming increasingly common for the “Mother Country” to start acting a lot less “motherly” and more like a draconian warlord with Psychopathic/Narcissistic tendencies.

THAT's when the questions change to “Why not?” and “Is there any real alternative?”

Once you know it is possible to turn your life around by acquiring a residency permit or (even better) a second passport by way of investment, why would you not do it if you are in a position to afford it? 

Plus, for practicality reasons, you never know when it'll all be taken from you (it pays to be paranoid…) by your government, or when your freedoms will be further impaired in the name of “security” or “equality” or “the children.”

The real alternative then, is to become a Global citizen with a portfolio of citizenships appropriate to your needs and likes.

If I had a shingle to hang out, it would say “Investment Migration Consultant, Vanuatu Specialist”

Lance in (alternative) Vanuatu