There would be lots of reasons why someone could not get a second Citizenship via one of the Citizenship By Investment programmes out there. The most common one would be price, since they are all over 100 thousand USD.


However, one of the LEAST likely reasons why having obtained a Citizenship Certificate and applied for a passport that someone could not get one, struck 2,000 recent successful applicants for a Vanuatu Passport in the last 2 months.


There has been a shortage of the physical passport booklets.


Yes, the Vanuatu CBI programme is so successful that they actually ran out of booklets!


The booklets are printed in Hungary, and because of transport interruptions caused by the pandemic, delivery has been delayed. But the Director of Immigration has confirmed that the booklets arrived last week, and his officers commenced working overtime and printing over the weekend. They have even seconded staff from other departments to make sure they reach their target to catch up by the end of this week.


Think about that. Over 2,000 successful applicants since sometime in August.


I too can report that the demand for my CBI Migration Agent service in Vanuatu has greatly increased in recent times.


So many people have "woken up" to the desirability of multiple options during the pandemic. So many have decided that a second (or third etc.) citizenship just makes sense.


And the fact that Vanuatu is a tropical paradise certainly adds to the appeal of the Vanuatu passport as a solid travel document.


Maybe time for you to book a consultation? We've got the passport booklets ready now 🛂️ ...


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