I was intrigued when talking to a couple of local NiVan boys (8 and 9 years old) the other day.

They were on the way home from school and their parents had asked me to give them a ride to save them the 8km walk. The parents and the older kids walked.

Anyway, to start a conversation I asked them what interesting things they had learned in school today. One said, “About cyclones”

I pressed for more details, and he explained they were taught what cyclones can do, and how to prepare and stay safe.

The other one said “We learned about the parts of fish”

They didn't just learn the names for fins, tail, scales, etc. He said they also learned which parts you can eat and which will make you sick, and how you need to eat it the same day it's caught. (Many locals don't have refrigeration and so they catch, pick, or buy their food daily)

Wow! These kids are actually learning things that will be useful in life!

And by the way, dont' think they don't learn their ABCs and 123s. Remember that lady in yesterdays email who helped me out at the Lands Department? University grad. Super smart and switched on with both the intricacies of her job and the tech.

Typical of Vanuatu. Look to the important stuff first, and learn the theory later.

It's the kind of down-to-earth approach that you will find refreshing when you visit or live here.

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Lance in (down-to-earth) Vanuatu