Today - a few hours before writing this on a Saturday afternoon - I was working in the garden when I felt something land on the back of my neck. Sure enough, next instant there was a sudden VERY sharp pain!


If you've had the experience of a wasp sting you know what I am talking about. You leap into action putting yourself as far from the scene of the "crime" as possible. Where there's one there may be more. You know that they might be defending their nest from you, the "intruder." And like me today, you probably hurry indoors to where you can find some vinegar to apply quickly and liberally to reduce the increasing pain.


This is how we all react to a sudden negative stimulus like a wasp sting.


But contrast that to when the negative stimulus is gradual, creeping up on us slowly over time—we often ignore it and ignore it. "This is temporary," we justify, "it will soon pass and things will get back to normal."


You know the often-used illustration of how to boil a frog. Very gradually increase the temperature of his water from room temperature until he's boiled. He does not jump out because the increase is so gradual that he becomes inured, sleepy, and ignores it as he drifts off to death.


It's how the Nazi regime launched the holocaust. A "mis-education" campaign targeting certain groups in society. Branding them as the source of "all of our problems." A small restriction here, a few months later another one there. Never anything sudden or too overt... but increasing in frequency and severity until they had total control over the population and their "final solution" was fully under way.


Let's be clear: I am not claiming any giant conspiracy afoot today, or trying to alarm you. Well, maybe I AM trying to alarm you, but it's for your own benefit.


Look around. Quietly ponder the world. Think about the last couple of years. Are events akin to the wasp sting, or is there something gradual going on?


And you, are you "becoming inured, sleepy, drifting off..."?


I believe everyone needs the insurance of a second or third place they can go quickly and legally. In other words, permanent residency or citizenship in several other countries. It's just too dangerous to have all your life's eggs in one country basket. And (I am biased of course) I believe that for many people, one of those places should be Vanuatu.


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Lance (still with a swelling on his neck) in Vanuatu


p.s. I am bound to point out that compared to North Queensland where we lived before, there are comparatively very few wasps here in Vanuatu. But it is obviously possible to run afoul of them if you like gardening.