A young man wearing a turban touched down at the Paris Airport on Saturday night of the weekend before last.


Shortly after, on his way into the city on the airport-city train, he was mugged by two thugs and had his bags stolen... Including his money and his passport.


This distant incident created an emergency in several countries, as from Thailand his father — also a Sikh — rang me urgently on Sunday.


With his passport gone, the son was now stuck in Paris until a new one could be arranged.


"What can you do?" the Dad asked me.


They are both my clients; the family having purchased Vanuatu citizenship back in 2017.


Sunday night and Monday morning we assembled the documents, including the French Police Report which arrived in Vanuatu via Bankok.


By lunch time Monday I was in the main Vanuatu passport office sliding all the young man's required paperwork across a table to a lady who has the authority to ensure that the printing of the new passport has priority. The moment it was ready I collected it personally. (Knowing in advance it would be needed, I already had a signed authority from the son for this) Then straight to DHL who had been primed in advance to give it all speed to Paris.


Now, Monday is my day to spend with my family. I choose not to work on Mondays. If you follow the link below to my booking calendar you will not find any slots for a Monday.


So why was I in town doing this on a Monday?


He's my client (not "customer"). A "client" is someone who is under the care and protection of another.


So my family agreed to give up our Monday together, and look after this young man (and his Dad, Mum and sister) in distress.


It's what I do for my clients. I don't bend the "Monday family day" rule for anything trivial or just because others "expect" me to be at work on a weekday for their convenience. This is Vanuatu, and we are free here. Free to take a weekday off every week, or free to choose to help out a client in need.


I hope you never have that kind of emergency. But that's the thing about emergencies: you never know. By the time you do it's too late to start finding the right person.


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