Many of my clients have found more opportunity and more freedom — in Vanuatu.


The Republic of Vanuatu is not on many people’s radar. Neither should it be: it's not for everyone. But for a select few, this country is a perfect fit.


Easy residency. No income taxes (personal or corporate!). And full of opportunities to thrive.


It’s no wonder that Vanuatu is seen as a top destination for digital workers, maybe even you.


If you are reading this, there's no doubt you are different. Here's how you might think:


"Yes, there is a better option than sitting at home and being a victim of the coming drama.


"There's no need for me to pay 39% or more in taxes.


"No need to stay rooted in a violent city, where services are deteriorating.


"I don’t even have to watch in envy as my friends flee to greener pastures."


With some imagination and a plan, you can take back control. You can seek a better life abroad. One that you are more suited to.


There are endless opportunities.


It's true: you can gain financial freedom with increased mobility.


You can become a part of an exclusive group of expats living as remote workers here in Vanuatu. Vanuatu encourages it!


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Lance (working remotely) in Vanuatu


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