In Vanuatu family is a high priority.

Not surprising to discover that one of the great things about the DSP is how family-friendly it is.

(DSP: Development Support Programme, which is what Vanuatu calls it's CBI – Citizenship By Investment – programme)

Want to set up an alternative second citizenship for yourself? No problem (if you have the assets and the required paperwork)

But here is where it gets interesting… Keep the family together! You can add a spouse, children, and parents to the main application for only a fraction of the cost of the primary applicant. If for example you added a spouse, 2 children, and 2 parents, the per-person cost for the five would come right down to only 36% of the primary applicant's cost. Even lower if you included more children and more parents.

Lifetime citizenship in a freedom-loving tropical paradise country for only USD 51,000 per person! When you think that probably the parents would help out with the cost, the “family affair” becomes a no-brainer.

Your family is a little different? “Blended” maybe? So how is a “spouse,” “child,” and “parent” in this context defined?

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Lance in (family-minded) Vanuatu