Yes it's true. Wherever you go, on foot or in a vehicle, people in Vanuatu wave and break into a broad smile. Not just one or two - almost everybody of every colour will do this.


It's nice!


Think back to a time in your life when people waved at strangers and acknowledged each other with a friendly greeting when passing in the street.


Yes, People of all ages in Vanuatu wave. 👋️ A lot.


There is a beautiful sense of love for one's neighbour and the desire to help.


When we first came, I was trying to load some long timber onto my car in the hardware store parking lot and half a dozen men swarmed around.


At first I was alarmed, because it was so unusual to me at that time, but everything was fine. They genuinely wanted to help out. No request for money. There's a sense of community, supporting your neighbours. Think of it!


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