My wife Adeline and I have long taken Mondays off for ourselves… we spend the day together doing whatever pleases us on the day.

Yesterday was one of those “just perfect” days when the sun was out, the sky and water blue, the wind and waves gentle, and the pull of the ocean irresistible.

So after a lazy breakfast which among other things included Brie cheese on delicious rye bread from the local French bakery and fresh soursop (a tangy fruit in the custard apple family) we did a little gardening then headed for the water – only a few metres since we do live on the waterfront.

While bobbing about over the coral close to shore, we were delighted to see a pod of dolphins – at least 12 of them – had come into our bay, and were swimming back and forth about 20-30 metres away from us. Probably fishing, since they were not leaping out of the water as they sometimes do, which we interpret as them playing.

Several lessons…

When you stop to look about in Vanuatu, there are so many amazing things of wonder close by – like wild dolphins fishing only metres away from us.

Vanuatu is the kind of place where you can live your life on your own terms… like taking every Monday off work.

It's a tropical paradise: why not seize the day and enjoy it?

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Lance in (tropical paradise) Vanuatu