As I sit here on the beach in front of our house and watching my wife swimming in the ocean, I can see her bobbing about over the coral, observing fish. She particularly likes the little blue ones. As an artist she appreciates the wide scope of the different intense blues they display, especially flashing in the sunlight.

This kind of relaxation is available to almost everyone in Vanuatu. Being a country of 83 islands, no one is far from the sea.

Wherever you are today, ask yourself if a little bit of gentle “ocean bobbing” would help to revive your mind and spirit – not to mention being physically healthy as well.

And if your answer is “yes” (you know you want to!) then consider that Vanuatu is the only Southern hemisphere country with a CBI (Citizenship By Investment) programme. And unlike many get-away places, even Permanent Residency is not hard to obtain.

Those little blue fish are ready and waiting for you.

With either of those documents in hand you will be welcome to come for a short or long stay – in fact during the current pandemic border closure period, it's the ONLY way you can get in.

I only take incoming calls by appointment, and then not a lot of them. I prefer to spend my time supporting the applications of existing clients. So choose a time that suits you for a discovery and orientation call and let's see if you can join the exalted ranks of “existing client”…

Lance in (tropical blue) Vanuatu