You may recall we don't live right in Port Vila, but on the outskirts, at the end of a long road that past us, goes only to farms.


I't been like this for years. Once Adeline and I realised back in 1975 that we did not HAVE to live in a city to conduct our business, we have always chosen to live in a location that suits us. In our case, out of town - often WAY out of town.


This was hard for me to take at first. I was born and raised in Brisbane, capital city of Queensland, Australia, and could not imagine living permanently away from a city. In my mind, that's where the action was; the restaurants, theatres, etc.


But Adeline was raised in a tiny village in Holland, close to but away from a large city. She preferred peace and quiet and a more natural setting.


So once we had our first business established (and neither of us working as employees for a boss) she pushed for us to move to the beach.


I needed to open my mind to the idea; widen my horizons. Where you live doesn't have to be by accident of birthplace.


Thankfully I did listen to her and we've never looked back.


We needed to live NEAR the city to be able to service our customers (it was a manufacturing business, selling to stores) but we no longer needed to live IN a city.


Sounds "normal" today, but back in 1975, it was kinda revolutionary — at least to me.


Now Brisbane is not actually on the beach. It started as a river settlement in around 1840. But over the years since it's founding it grew until the edges of it are on the sea.


We chose a small island in Moreton Bay at the mouth of the Brisbane River.


It was a little inconvenient to have to use the ferry to get home and back to the mainland, but as most of our days were spent manufacturing at home where we had a beautiful white sandy beach basically at our doorstep, that was a small trade-off.


And that's how it's been over the years. Ever since, we have chosen the small trade off of travel on a minority of days, and live in a location that suits us the rest of the time.


And so now we live in Vanuatu, but we still choose not to live in town.


We put up with the inconvenience of travelling a half hour to town (more on that tomorrow) in exchange for living in a more peaceful environment. In our case, with ocean frontage, lots of trees and flowers, and a bit of room between ourselves and the neighbours.


What about you?


You are not as constrained by location as you might think. Do you value the ability to choose where you want to live?


Open your mind. Widen your horizon.


Consider a different part of your country - or even a different country.


Vanuatu could be a good idea — even as a backup plan in case things "go South" in your motherland


Of course, you need a bit of information. You can get a start on a short personal orientation call with me. Book one here: https∶//


Lance (choosing) in Vanuatu


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