Some of the most famous military commanders in history used tactical withdrawals when they weren’t comfortable with battle conditions.


Do an internet search for "tactical withdrawal" and you will find dozens if not hundreds of examples where armies fell back, only to win the war down the track.


I bring this up because one of my clients mentioned in passing that it seemed to him cowardly to "run away from his country" in order to escape the escalating problems. He was thinking maybe it's better to stay and fight the issues "from the inside."


Really? Good luck with that!


It’s not cowardly. Those commanders knew the more intelligent move was to fall back, and to re-engage in a later battle on their own terms from a position of strength.


In other words: "pick your battles"


We’ve all seen so many stories of people pushing back against the cancel culture, or government lockdowns and mandates, only to be forced out of business, fired from their jobs, and some arrested and taken away from their families.


As the most skilled strategists in history would tell us, when the deck is stacked against you, sometimes the best strategy is to NOT fight, but to pick your battles later from a position of strength.


Having your Plan B in place NOW — with a second citizenship or residency — helps make sure you’ll be in a position of strength, no matter which way things go.


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