My best friend is from Europe, and her family on her mother’s side are Jewish. Which means nearly half her family was wiped out in the Holocaust.

However not all. Some Jews in the 30s and 40s escaped Europe in the face of the Nazi threat.

Some of her family had a passport from another country.

Certainly that’s probably the best case of the (life-saving) benefits of a second passport, but you need to know it’s not the only reason to think about getting one.

For example, are people with your contry’s passport negatively singled out while travelling overseas?

You have the freedom to give up your current citizenship (expatriate) if you ever see the need. (Legally you need a backup citizenship to do this)

Many with a 2nd passport want to enjoy visa-free access and the right to live in a safe country (or collection of countries) with no holdup for having to obtain permission or extra paperwork in an emergency situation. (Think Afghanistan recently).

An appropriate change of jurisdiction can have a positive effect on your tax situation. Or the ability to leave more wealth to your heirs.

It truly is the ultimate escape hatch for those keeping an eye on the exits.

That’s why I’ve recommended a second passport to clients for years. Of course, it all starts by understanding what your options are.

The process for obtaining a second passport.

And even how to choose the fastest way to get to a second passport. (TIP: It’s the Vanuatu DSP programme for Citizenship by Investment that has been processed in less than 30 days. Ask me how I know!)

With so much tension in many countries, and in the world in general, it just plain makes sense to have a Plan B.

I don’t pretend to have a crystal ball, but the trends are obvious.

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