Last night I had a Zoom meeting with two of my colleagues. As usual in this business, we were in three different countries.


What is interesting is that one of the participants is big in the Crypto space, and has a deep insight into how crypto owners view the world.


Thus the new product we have crafted will be not only acceptable, but eagerly sought after by those who are both crypto owners and have a desire to increase their international mobility.


Yes, "freedom" and "crypto" are almost interchangeable words in some people's vocabulary.


And the Vanuatu government recently changed it's stance on crypto. Previously they had been very cautious while a careful examination was made. They have completed this process, made a wise decision, and are now welcoming crypto exchanges in the country.


You will no doubt remember that Vanuatu has no income tax (personal or corporate), no capital gains tax, and no gift tax or death duties. Here let me repeat that I am not a financial planner or international accountant so you need to double check with your own qualified advisors with a knowledge of your situation and your current citizenship to know how obtaining Vanuatu citizenship would affect your own situation.


The Vanuatu government is not taking crypto in exchange for citizenship directly (yet) but there is a way to pay with Bitcoin and we have formalised and tested a solution that works and is 100% legal.


I have even had extensive discussions with the Risk Manager of a leading Vanuatu bank, and they are happy to assist our clients who meet the requirements and want to send crypto-turned-into-fiat (using our system) for their citizenship.


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