This surprised me when we first moved here 5 years ago…

The sheer number and variety of public holidays in Vanuatu.

I would drive to Port Vila town only to find the offices and most of the shops closed.

Instead, lots of people gathered in parks or at the seafront, plenty of music and food.

Why? Well, it's “xyz day.” 

I learned to check the calendar!

With both English and French heritage piled on top of the tribal/island background and layered with missionary-taught Christianity, there's plenty of scope to find an excuse for a day of celebration.

When something good happens it's not unusual for the President to declare a holiday “out of the blue”  as it were.

Sometimes this is a frustration but on balance it's a Good Thing.

For example one evening Adeline and I were enjoying a meal on Iririki (an island resort in Port Vila harbor opposite the main downtown part is the city) when suddenly the sky lit up with fireworks.  

Being high on the island and only a few hundred meters from the source of the pyrotechnics we, along with all the other guests, were enthralled by the show.

Remember there are a lot of Chinese people here and they have a long tradition of producing the most amazing fireworks. So these holiday celebrations are often accompanied by wonderful night displays.

It's something that will enhance your life when you live here.

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Lance in (celebratory) Vanuatu