Yesterday Adeline and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.

Although there's a large selection of over 40 restaurants and resorts from which to choose in Port Vila alone (none requiring mask wearing!) and several within 5 minutes drive, we elected to stay home and prepare a special meal ourselves.

As we live out of town right on the oceanside we ate local Teouma Bay prawns sauted in butter and garlic, washed down with Shiraz. It wasn't unlike an upmarket restaurant anyway with our view of the blue waves.

As I type this I can hear lorikeets cheerfully chattering in the pawpaw (papaya) trees outside the office window.

Meantime this morning I was speaking with some younger friends who live right in the middle of Port Vila, on a hillside overlooking the harbour. They enjoy spectacular views, with a different selection of boats silhouetted against the sunset each evening. They are a short walk from shops, restaurants, clubs, and all the entertainment variety you might want.

I mention all this to help you see that there are multitudes of lifestyle choices in Vanuatu if you choose to spend time here.

Depending on your circumstance you might want the full-on Citizenship, or Permanent Residency based on a wide collection of possible eligibility criteria, including part ownership of an income-producing papaya farm.

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Lance in (sparkling) Vanuatu