This week when I went to the main market in downtown Port Vila, there were no pineapples.

Not one!

Yes, everything is seasonal here. You can buy out-of-season imported fruit and veg at the big supermarkets, but (1) they cost a lot more and (2) they are not as fresh.

But the local markets are definitely fresh produce, and that means what is able to be picked, reaped, or caught now.

Was I disappointed about the complete lack of pineapples? Not a bit.

You see, suddenly there are mangoes!

Of course you probably know what a mango is. But did you also know there are many different types of mango? For example aside from the many plump rounded versions, there's a longer, narrower one called a “banana mango” which is reddish, has few strings and a different flavour. I selected several of a few different types until I had enough for my wife and I to enjoy for a week.

Markets sellers are predominately very industrious women, and usually mothers, thus the designation “Market Mamas.”

They generally sit on a mat on the gound behind their table loaded with produce. Some sleep, but last week I started to notice how many are looking at smartphones.

I got curious about what they are all doing with their phones, so I started paying attention to the screens I could see. As far as I could tell, most of them were watching movies, or visiting Facebook. Yep, a woman sitting on the ground behind a load of fruit and vegetables in an obscure part of the world is filling in the time between customers with Facebook!

Make no mistake. Vanuatu might be “an obscure part of the world” but the people are very much aware of the rest of it and what goes on. The contrast is huge. No wonder people like it here.

It's probably an ideal place for your getaway strategy and your Plan B.

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Lance (enjoying the variety) in Vanuatu