Last week at Port Vila's biggest fresh produce market I realised something as soon as set foot under their roof.


Mangoes are almost finished! (Oh No!)


But 🍍️ pineapples are starting again! (Yay!)


🍌️ Bananas however are perennial


This set me to thinking about the various CBI (Citizenship By Investment) programmes.


The CBI programmes of a few popular European destinations have recently undergone radical changes.


Mostly this has been the reaction of a few countries to pressure from some EU bureaucratic busybodies who tend to think the rest of the planet should be forced to agree with their reductionist ideas.


But we won't go there - at least not today.


The point of the market comparison though, is that just because something is available NOW, today, does not mean it will be there when you "get around to it."


This applies just as much to CBI programmes as it does to fresh fruit at the market.


Some countries have closed down their programmes. (The mangoes are finishing)


Others have introduced new schemes but increased their prices (virtually doubled!) (Pineapples are here but still premium priced)


Vanuatu's CBI programme has been stable since it's inception in 2015. (The bananas are all-year-round)


Before setting it up the took their time to carefully examine the mistakes and successes of those of the Carribean countries, and then set up the Vanuatu CBI in such a way that few changes have been needed.


Are you willing to take the risk that it will stay that way?


Better book a consultation and start your Plan B Vanuatu CBI or permanent residency while you can still afford it.


Here's your link: https∶//


Lance in (stable so far) Vanuatu