So as the world in general devolves into a 1984-style scenario, in 2022 many of you will be looking around the globe for places where sanity prevails.


I'd suggest (did you doubt it?) that Vanuatu is one of the places you should consider.


I've lived here over 5 years now, and in that time have gained a good grasp of the thinking of both locals and expats.


So it seems a good time to be reviewing the reasons I like living here. Here is issue #1, the first two reasons...


First would have to be the NiVans (locals) themselves. Overall, Ni-Vanuatu people are friendly, always ready for a laugh, helpful and honest.


The predominant religions are (nominally at least) Christian, and not only do they attend their churches regularly, they are always up for a theological discussion. However they are very respectful and accepting of others' choices Very refreshing when you are coming from a secularly-based society like Australia!


Next would be the freedom. The fact that you can live a "sovereign life" here without some nanny-state government breathing down your neck.


Yes, there are rules, every orderly society needs them. But they are not draconian or unreasonably intrusive.


For example, all vehicle registration comes due in January, so technically you should get your roadworthiness certificate (which costs only about US$30 for the inspection) and pay the registration fee (which is not unreasonable either) before January 31st.


But there is a "grace period" of a full TWO MONTHS! So in practice you have until the end of March to get it done. Not so harsh, eh?


More next time in "Why #2"


Meantime, if you are already convinced let's talk: https∶//


Lance in (friendly & free) Vanuatu


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