Years ago I heard this illustrative story…

Farmer Brown's place was in the mid-west of the United States. One of those places where it is mostly good weather, but sometimes huge storms can hit.

As he was getting on, Farmer Brown's wife suggested he should hire a young fellow to do some of the work around the farm.

Only one man answered his advertisement: his name was John.

Farmer Brown asked him, “Why should I hire you to work on my farm”

And John replied, “I can sleep on a windy night.”

Farmer Brown reported back to his wife, “He's a strange one, but he's the only man who answered the ad, so I hired him.”

Things went well for a few months, and overall Farmer Brown was pleased with John's work except for one annoying habit. He was always late for dinner. Every night his wife served the meal, she and Farmer Brown sat down, but they had to wait a long time before John put in an appearance.

Then one night it happened. All afternoon it had been a moody sky, with dark clouds lowering and darkening. In the middle of the night there was a great CRASH of thunder. The storm was on!

Farmer Brown leapt out of bed. He pounded on John's door. “The chicken house will have to be closed! The barn has to be secured! The seedlings have to be covered! You have to get up and help!” But John slept on.

Muttering angrily about “That lazy John” Farmer Brown pulled on his coat and raced outside.

First he went to the chicken house. When he got there he was more than a little surprised. The door was closed tight. So he ran to the barn… same thing, all locked down. The seedlings too were covered… and on and on as he checked all the things that would have to be readied as the great drops of rain started to pelt down and the wind really picked up… everything was in readiness.

Then it started to dawn on Farmer Brown. “John!” Yes, John was always late for dinner because he was preparing and protecting the farm from a storm EVERY night.

And now it made sense: “I can sleep on a windy night!”

John could sleep because he had already done all that he could to prepare.

An allegorical story, yes.

But now, many decades later, it's a great story to help you understand the importance of getting your Plan B in place now, so you can “sleep on a windy night.” Just like in the story, the storms WILL come.

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