Night skies in Vanuatu are awesome! Spectacular!


As we walk at night from our kitchen/lounge pavilion to the bedroom pavilion, I love looking up and seeing all my favourites. The milky way strewn in a giant sparkly band across the vault.


Because we are almost exactly at the same latitude as where we lived in Australia, the stars we see are the same.


And they are so crisp and sharp, because there's no light pollution here on the outskirts of Port Vila.


Even normal binoculars reveal thousands more.


Summer or winter the night temperatures are mild. It's just so relaxing to lie on a blanket with binoculars and admire the Creator's handiwork.


I used the word "awesome" in the first sentence for it's original meaning, "Something that inspires a feeling of awe." Not the flippant way it's used these days.


By the way, really I was kind of wrong about the light pollution. Because NiVans love a celebration and there are many public holidays, there are quite a number of evenings in a year when there are spectacular fireworks displays. Then the binoculars are swiveled to a horizontal position. Now delight reigns, but this time over the displays created by clever humans.


Di you like celestial displays, both natural and man-made?


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