Yesterday, I was watching a snorkeler spearfishing in front of our house.

The wind was onshore and strong, so the waves were bigger than usual. He was keeping just outside the danger point where the waves broke over the coral.

I thought to myself, “He's game, that's a perilous place to be”

But then he dived, and I could briefly glimpse giant yellow flippers (swim fins) poke above the surface.

“Aha!” I realised, “He has a powerful way of keeping himself where he needs to be. If he gets pushed towards the coral, a few strong kicks, and he's in a safe place again.”

It's like a good Plan B.

In this current world climate of daily dangers, you never know when you will be carried towards the place where the waves of politics, finance, climate, etc. will try to dash you on the rocks.

When you sense the pull, a good Plan B will let you reach a place of safety with a few strong kicks.

Get your flippers here:

Lance in (haven) Vanuatu