Yes, Vanuatu is in the latitude where cyclones (hurricanes) happen.


The first one of the season came by this week. It did not pass over us, although it travelled the length of our neighbouring country New Caledonia, about 450 kilometres from Port Vila. This one was only Category 2, so the effect was minimal- mostly a windy day yesterday, but we are now getting the rain in the "tail" as it has moved past us.


It was interesting to me that when I mentioned the impending event a few days ago to a work colleague in South America, she said "I could never live with that!" It was the comment of someone without experience of cyclones. Fear of the unknown I suppose.


But there was very little concern or comment here in Vanuatu. Cyclones are a fact of life and you take them in your stride. Yes, they can be dangerous if they are a high category and go over the top of you, so you need to respect that and prepare properly.


Once having done so however, it's a boring waiting game and then (maybe) a cleanup after.


So yes, we get cyclones here. Fact. Like most places in the same latitude, statistically we get a few smaller ones each year, and a big one maybe every 11-5 years.


But hey! The crime rate is probably way lower than where you live, and that's EVERY day. The "happiness index" of Vanuatu is one of the highest in the world.


So don't get bent out of shape over it. Vanuatu is a great place for your Plan B.


When you are ready...


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