For a while there, I had a custom image background on my phone. It said in Bislama, one of the official languages of Vanuatu: "Karem bak paoa blong yu!" or in English, "Take back your power!"


I was reminded every time I opened the home screen of my phone, that others are always wanting to "take control" of us for one reason or another. And that I, you, all of us, need to be ceaselessly vigilant lest we slip and have to "take back our power."


It's clear to all of us that there are plenty of people wanting to control you.


They want to tell you where you can and can’t go... Whom you can and can’t see... How much of your own money you can keep... What you should think... Whether you can keep your job.


So what about it? Who do you want to be in control your life?


And make no mistake: if you have all your assets, savings, and income generation in one jurisdiction... and just one passport and no permanent residency in another... you have ALREADY handed over control of your life!


Obviously everyone should have a Plan B, right? ✊️ Take back you power


Everyone then, should have a second passport or residency, so you have somewhere to go when the "Mother COuntry" starts acting less motherly, and starts restricting your freedoms.


A proper Plan B will shield what you've so laboriously managed to save, against inflation


So many countries are almost bankrupt in all but the designation. According to offical figures available to the public, Social Security is about to fold in country after country. So a Plan B will be independent of reliance of Social Security.


A good Plan B will ensure your home and other assets are protected from the increasing political influence of Socialist-leaning people who want to "take it all away from the rich" and "create equality", as if that has ever worked in the dozens of examples from the past.


Let me be clear. I am an observer nmost of the areas outlined above. I am NOT QUALIFIED to give advice on financial, tax, or asset-protection matters.


However I DO know intimately how to help you if your Plan B includes getting Citizenship or fast-track Permanent Residency in Vanuatu.


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Lance (helping with your Plan B) in Vanuatu