Yesterday's electrical storms seem to have knocked out our local mobile phone tower. It's a pain because while it's down you can't ring them to report it so they can fix things. Line phones are available, but most people are happy to use only a mobile, which is normally fine.


So this morning one of my neighbours drove into town and reported the issue. It was fixed within half an hour!


The point of this email it that yes, Vanuatu is a developing country and infrastructure is not what it might be in a developed country, but they know how to fix it fast when it breaks. And they do respond fast when they know there's an issue.


Fast service is one of the perks of living here. I can remember in Australia our phone tower being out for over a week, and a call to the phone company producing the interminable music with the oft-repeated "Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold" until you give up.


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Lance in (connected) Vanuatu


p.s. On matters connected, did I mention yet that a new satellite internet service is providing a third connection to the outside world before the end of this year, and a duplicate undersea cable is being laid to provide a fourth connection?