Rain is softly falling as I write.


Of course, almost everywhere in the tropics there are basically 2 seasons, "the Wet" and "the Dry."


It seems that we are entering "the Wet" now, which is not surprising. "The Wet" will be properly underway next month. Personally I enjoy the rain for what it does: makes everything grow like crazy. I joke sometimes that here you "poke a stick in the ground and jump back." An avid gardener, my wife Adeline loves it.


Indeed, often wooden fence posts will sprout leaves and branches and become trees.


And on a lazy Sunday afternoon it's kinda cosy to sit on the verandah and watch it fall.


Of course, there is also the "tropical downpour" where it comes so fast you would be literally soaked to the skin in 2 seconds. We've had several of those over the past week. Usually they last only a little while, and nobody much walks outside until they are over.


Interestingly, aside from motorbike or 4-wheeler riders, almost nobody wears a raincoat. Although when it's raining the shops always prominently display umbrellas for sale, the actual use of umbrellas is not as common as you would expect.


At first I would carry an umbrella on rainy days, but I got fed up carrying it around and having to remember to pick it up after putting it down.


Don't think that "the Wet" means 24x7 rain, or even every day. Vanuatu is spread over a large vertical area, almost 1,000 kilometres from top to bottom so there are marked differences between equitorial north, tropical central, and subtropical south. The capital of Port Vila, where I live, is basically central.


Here this city has a tropical rainforest climate. There is a significant amount of rainfall during the year. This is true even for the driest month. The temperature here averages 24.6 °C | 76.4 °F. About 1670 mm | 65.7 inch of precipitation falls annually. Most of it falls from December to May and usually March is the wettest month.


Anyway, I rarely use an umbrella now. ☔️ It's not cold, and if you get a bit wet you soon dry out.


So unless you are a lady with a nice hairstyle, you too will probably ignore a bit of rain. :)


That is, when you are here as the owner of a newly purchased citizenship or permanent resident, enjoying the never-too-hot and never-too-cold weather here..


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Lance in (rainy afternoon) Vanuatu


p.s. You can scroll to the "CENTER" section of this page to get the full picture of the climate you will enjoy here https∶//www.climatestotravel.com/climate/vanuatu